BEST for pain!

Sure, you can take medicines for pain. Just watch TV for an avalanche for ideas about that!

pain-relief-stop Taking cannabis edibles and smoking cannabis can help, but maybe you want a more moderate approach. Many people, especially those who don’t see themselves ingesting or smoking cannabis products, still struggle with pain. Many of us want to stop taking medicines that can harm us. Just consider the statistics for opioid abuse in America! The personal and societal costs for this are staggering.

It may be common knowledge, but even so-called safe over-the-counter pain relievers are scary. Ibuprofen works fine for pain, but just check out the risks! Similarly, acetaminophen has significant risks, including liver failure. It used to be that people believed that large doses of acetaminophen caused the problem, but recent research shows that even small doses over time can permanently damage the liver.

Fortunately, people find that topical cannabis can work quickly and last a long time. Many C-Salve users say that they apply it directly to the pain first thing in the morning and then reapply every three or four hours.

I always love to see people’s faces when they first try it. Their faces light up and they say, “This stuff is magical!”

Try it for yourself, not only for an immediate way to relieve pain, but for a longterm healthy option for healthy pain relief.


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