Everybody’s Got Pain

hand-flashlignt-composition-1497072To quote a favorite, song, “Everybody’s Got Pain” (thank you, Pearls Before Swine!). You can listen to the song while you read this post (click the Youtube video just below).

But you do not have to live in pain. Watch TV and you’ll realize that advertisers know that we all have some kind of pain–but what they peddle can hurt you while it relieves your pain. Even over-the-counter pain relievers have significant risks, and prescription opioid drugs are becoming one of the worst health hazards in America [http://www.asam.org/docs/default-source/advocacy/opioid-addiction-disease-facts-figures.pdf].

C-Salve is different. People who love C-Salve say that it relieves pain of all kinds–and everybody’s got pain. C-Salve does it without chemicals, without side effects. Everything in C-Salve is organic and safe to use long-term.

It is cannabis-based, yet in California, cannabis topicals are not considered drugs (a topical cannabis product is not considered a drug as defined by Section 109925 of the Health and Safety Code).


You have to be a California resident to buy C-Salve, so if you are, click through and see what people are saying about it!


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