C-Salve and Headaches

headache-1428019Shelli came over to my house the other day to talk art–but she couldn’t talk much.

“I have this horrible headache,” she said. “I’ve taken ibuprofen and I think I’m going to have to go home and take something stronger.”

“Before you do,” I said, “You wanna try a little C-Salve? Terrence says he and his daughter just put it on their temples and the headache goes away.”

“You mean you put it right on the headache?”

“That’s what they do,” I said, and I brought her some salve. She rubbed some on each temple and we sat and talked for a minute.

“How’s the headache?” I asked.

“What? Oh, it’s completely gone!” she said, amazed. We sat down and talked art.

There’s no guarantee that C-Salve will erase your headache, but judging from all the amazing anecdotal evidence that comes my way, it’s definitely worth a try, applying directly to the pain. Terrence’s daughter is prone to migraines and she’s never without the salve.

Since C-Salve is a cannabis-based topical, it is not considered a drug in California. (“Topical cannabis” means a product intended for external use. A topical cannabis product is not considered a drug as defined by Section 109925 of the Health and Safety Code.”) Because of this, C-Salve is only available to California residents. It is coming to many Orange County dispensaries and can also be ordered online.

Purchase one-ounce jar. Must be California resident. 

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