C-Salve and Pain for the Aging




Many of my dearest friends are on the other side of seventy–and sometimes 80! As one of them, Jimbo, pointed out, “Old doesn’t mean stupid.” However, it usually does mean one thing: aches and pains.

We met John at church some months ago. He likes to sing in the choir and participate in everything, but we hadn’t seen him for a while. It turns out that he has been practically disabled with pain.

“It’s in my knees, my shoulders, my hands,” he says. “I’m sorry I can’t be there; I just can’t sit for long because of the pain.”

We gave him a sample of C-Salve to try and happily, we saw him next Sunday.

“I have got to have some more of that stuff!” he said. “It works on everything, even my shoulders! I’ve tried everything but I don’t want to go on opioids. Bring me some of this stuff every month.”


See Terrell’s work at http://tribalneopop.com

My dear friend Terrell is not quite as old as John, but along with the rest of us, he wakes up in the morning with significant pain. He has long practiced stretching and mild exercise to help him get through it, and when I gave him some C-Salve to try, he was sold.

“I put it on when I wake up,” he says, “everywhere it hurts. It just takes away the pain and I can get busy with my day.”

Since C-Salve is a cannabis-based topical, it is not considered a drug in California. (“Topical cannabis” means a product intended for external use. A topical cannabis product is not considered a drug as defined by Section 109925 of the Health and Safety Code.”) Because of this, C-Salve is only available to California residents. It is coming to many Orange County dispensaries and can also be ordered online.

Purchase one-ounce jar. Must be California resident. 

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