C-Salve and Back Pain


I met Todd the other night at a business meeting. He mentioned that he had degeneration in his lower back that has affected pain levels all the way through his neck.

Whenever I introduce C-Salve to someone, their hand usually goes to their neck, their shoulder blades–or most often, their lower back. I think many of us have some form of back pain, no matter if we are old or young.

Todd has been prescribed some fairly strong pharmaceutical medications for his back pain, but he has been looking into alternative treatments, including acupuncture and chiropractic. He has still suffered quite a bit and was willing to try C-Salve. Right there in the meeting, he took some of the sample and applied it to his lower back and his neck. A few minutes later, he leaned over and said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. The pain is gone….”

Of course, there are no guarantees that C-Salve will help your back pain, but Todd ordered some immediately for himself and for his friends. If you try it, consider a second application in an hour or so if the first one only partly helps. You may be surprised at how well it works.

Since C-Salve is a cannabis-based topical, it is not considered a drug in California. (“Topical cannabis” means a product intended for external use. A topical cannabis product is not considered a drug as defined by Section 109925 of the Health and Safety Code.”) Because of this, C-Salve is only available to California residents. It is coming to many Orange County dispensaries and can also be ordered online.

Purchase one-ounce jar. Must be California resident. 

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