C-Salve and Deep Pain

pain-1251308C-Salve was created with deep pain in mind. Most people who suffer from pain (and that’s most people, in one way or another) know the risks of pain medication, whether over-the-counter or prescription. Strong opioids create dependency and a host of health problems, ibuprofen is linked to kidney risk, and acetaminophen  is clearly linked to liver problems.

At the same time, many people do not necessarily want to smoke, vape, or directly ingest cannabis. It may be that they need to show up clear and focused at work. There may be a spectrum of personal and social reasons why people may not be prepared to take cannabis directly.

Nevertheless, cannabis has been shown to be much safer than most pharmaceutical pain medications. C-Salve is a quick, effective alternative. You apply it externally, so generally it does not pass the blood barrier, so it does not affect you emotionally or mentally. Mostly, people say it just takes care of the pain.

What about deep pain then? Sometimes people need to reapply the salve after an hour or so, but most people find some relief right away and also benefit from repeated applications every three or four hours.

Since C-Salve is a cannabis-based topical, it is not considered a drug in California. (“Topical cannabis” means a product intended for external use. A topical cannabis product is not considered a drug as defined by Section 109925 of the Health and Safety Code.”) Because of this, C-Salve is only available to California residents. It is coming to many Orange County dispensaries and can also be ordered online.

Purchase one-ounce jar. Must be California resident. 

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