C-Salve and Burns

forefinger-1178070 (1)To my mind, there’s nothing more painful than a burn. Even when I do everything right (apply cold, apply burn gel, keep it on), the burn just hurts, and the pain flares up when I cook dinner or sit in the sun, and it seems to take forever to heal.

Hayden’s girlfriend is a cook in a Mediterrean grill, and she’s always burning her hands on the skewers. And she is always, always in pain. She has tried many products, even cannabis-based products, with only marginal success.

I gave Hayden a sample of C-Salve and told him to get her to try it. That evening, he called me up to order a couple of jars. It was the first time she had been out of pain for months, he said. It was a miracle. And he had given it to his friend who had fallen into a fire the month before, with slow healing and brutal pain. He had relief for the first time with C-Salve.

As with any condition, there’s no guarantee that C-Salve will help your burn, but if you talk to Hayden and his girlfriend, they’ll tell you: try it.

Since C-Salve is a cannabis-based topical, it is not considered a drug in California. (“Topical cannabis” means a product intended for external use. A topical cannabis product is not considered a drug as defined by Section 109925 of the Health and Safety Code.”) Because of this, C-Salve is only available to California residents. It is coming to many Orange County dispensaries and can also be ordered online.

Purchase one-ounce jar. Must be California resident. 

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